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WINTER WEATHER IN VERMONT 2006-2007 January 6, 2007

Posted by thenaturalist in Winter.

Is this going to be known as THE YEAR WITHOUT A WINTER? November and December combined were the warmest on record. January has been running nearly 20 degrees above normal. The most obvious cause is the jet stream high above Canada that keeps blocking the frigid Arctic air near the North Pole from plunging south. The JET STREAM is a high-level current of fast-moving air that steers weather systems. It often veers southward in the winter, allowing icy air to race south, but this winter the jet stream is farther north than normal, blocking the cold air and allowing warm air from the south to drift northward. Roger Hill, a Worcester weather watcher who operates a Web site called Weathering Heights, says he finds the warmth disconcerting. “It’s 25 percent global warming and 75 percent a weird, anomalous weather pattern,” Hill theorizes. Meteorologists note that the winter is still young and there’s no reason massive snowstorms or 20-below-zero cold snaps can’t strike in late January or February. (Matt Sutkoski, BFP, 1/6/07)



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